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Floor lamps and torchieres are beautiful decoration of dark corners of your floor. Light inconspicuous part of your room and give it a unique character attention. Traditional and contemporary lighting fixtures will fill your home by softness and kindness. Floor lamps are very mobile, allow to highlight desirable place, so you stop the monotonous atmosphere of lighting.

Properly placed floor lamp has a special influence on the atmosphere of the room and warms up the general tone of the room. In sum, with a table and ceiling lighting, floor lamps emphasize the visual interest and rooms layers. Selection of lamp determines the style of your interior in the room.

Traditional style rooms indicate the choice of torchiere floor lamps, Tiffany and chandelier styles of lighting. Fans of contemporary style will find tripod or arc floor lamp in black, white and other colors. Pay attention on style of the lampshade and the bulb, which is crucial.

You must be able to mix the style bases and shades of light. To determine the height of the lamp, determine the location and function of lighting, furniture and environmental dimension. Reading light should not be extended to the whole room, it must decorate a small space, and be very high.

The lamp should not take all the emphasis of the interior, the furniture should have a stronger accent.

Arc lamps are better placed in the corner so it will not hurt somebody's head. Small lamps are well placed along the walls or at the edges of the furniture.