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Pendants are the main feature of both lighting and character of the room. The desire to light up an entire room, or hide some of the corners, this responsibility lies on the pendants.

Material, color of the pendant and the amount of suspended lights also change the percentage of brightness the light. The bar light must be placed at 16 inches above the desk level, and take into account yours and your family members' height. In the hall you may place a lamp at 7 feet from the floor, not being afraid to illuminate the entire space.
In the bathroom, place a hanging lamp at 18 inches from the center of the shell, it will be the most optimal lighting. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, then for the correct calculation of the height of the establishment of the pendant, you need to add an additional 3 inches.

Huge hanging lamps give a sharp focus your room. Small pendant lights decorate the room in a different tone. The most important thing to remember that the pendant does not create visual barriers in the room, does not darkens it and it does not make it lonely. So, express your personality, style and taste with our collection of popular brands with more than 1100 pendants.